Saturday, November 19, 2011

art - snowboards (NEW)

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recipe - Warm Cucumber Salad

I am currently preparing for the next two trips to Key West - James Coleman gallery, which will then be followed by my move to Scottsdale Arizona to attend the 3 month 'Celebration of the Art' Event.

Today is a fun and unusual  mix - Warm Cucumber salad.........

Olive oil
Red chili
Sesame seeds
Orange pepper
Been sprouts
Pear vinegar
Maple syrup
Collard greens

Pre-cook/crisp the bacon then dice.
Slice all ingredients prior to cooking, as the wok will cook very fast and therefor you may end up burning things as you are trying to prepare....
In a wok or deep pan, warm the olive oil and then add cut garlic and onions, when transparent, add mushrooms and asparagus. When veges start getting a slight brown on the edge, add collard greens, red chilies bacon, orange pepper, sesame seeds. The collard greens should not wilt but are get a nice steam.
Add Cucumber and been sprouts, and mix for two minutes just to heat, then add the rest of the ingredients and serve straight away.........
Good with Steak!