Thursday, April 12, 2012

Recipe - Fried Lettuce Salad

red onion
black or green olives
extra virgin olive oil
strong dry cheese - I like Irish cheese - grated
baby iceberg lettuce
rock salt and fresh cracked pepper.
red wine vinegar

extra plus (mix of mush made by a couple of my fellow artists at the Scottsdale show -
consists of garlic, jalapeƱos, ginger and olive oil blended together)

start off by cooking up a few slices of bacon.
When crispy, remove from pan and dice.
Tip most of the bacon grease out (not down the drain! oil does not go down the drain) but leave a little there for later on.

Dice red onions and olives.

Slice baby lettuce in half and place in the hot pan, cook until fried brown on cut side then place on plate cooked side up, garnish with cheese then follow with the rest - easy and dam good by themselves as a side!!

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