Sunday, September 2, 2012

Recipe - Grilled Strawberry Salmon

What the hell is strawberry Jam Salmon - I know it may not sound that appealing but it is the same appeal as apple sauce and pork or cranberry sauce and turkey......

Salmon fresh wild with skin is best but a bag of prepackaged portions at costco are nice a simple.
Strawberry jam and fresh strawberries (if you can’t get the fresh stuff, the jam is still great.)
black cracked pepper
rock salt
onion and garlic salt
rosemary - better fresh
oil - I like olive oil and a touch of bacon fat.....yeh I said it

You can do this in a tray foil on the BBQ or a small pan that can go in the oven/broiler
First pour some oil in a pan or create a small tray out of foil by folding up the edges, make it a little bit bigger than the portion itself. Add a dash of bacon fat for that extra flavour - dont need much but the smokey/porkiness is great.
Place the salmon skin down in the pan/tray, season with pepper, rock salt and flavoured salts - not too heavy.
Using a butter knife, get a good portion of jam and spread it on the top of the salmon - if you need more, clean the knife first otherwise the next time you have toast, the jam will taste very fish - you will only need this once.
Put some sliced strawberries on top then sprinkle the rosemary to finish the prep.
If using the BBQ, the edges and underneath should get toasty and then you can decide if you want it fully cooked or a little pink inside - fresh salmon is always better a little pink inside.  If using stove top, cook until the skin is crispy and it is almost to your liking - either pink or fully cooked - about 7-10min high, then do about 3 minutes in the broiler (still in pan) to toast the top.

This goes really well over quinoa or brown rice, with a light arugula salad......

Art Surfboard- Embrace

Embrace - painted live in Thomadro Gallery, Haleiwa North Shore, Hawaii Aug 2012

Art - Glassy Shores

Live at the Easel during Aug 2012 Pacific Crest Gallery show, South Lake Tahoe....
Glassy Shores.