Thursday, February 9, 2012

Celebrate of fine Art

Well we are a month into this 3 month festival, enjoying all aspects of this except for surf and family - yes I know the order I put this. The fam has been a out and I talk constantly to my girls - surf cant talk on the phone!
Here are some shots from the set up where we had a shell, that was only a couple of walls and a freshly laid cement floor.
New work is completely inspired by my new tent crowd, it is refreshing to be surrounded by artists that arent necessarily coastal influenced, I am drawing lines from native indian artist - James Ayers, urban artist - James Randle, and Vintage Vehicle artist - Santiago Michalek among others.

set up - not sure what I am supposed to do here!

a few days later the easel is out and paint is moving.

Not sure what is next on the easel or what will even come off it - but things are moving.

Art - new snowboards from scottsdale

Betweeen the Lines
Drawing Lines

Lines lines everywhere - new work from the desert.