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I got Chilli up a little earlier today, I stretched while she got ready and did her usual ‘messing around side tracked kids routine’…. But she still had it together enough to be ready with some spare time.
She got her clothes together and laid out on her chair, knowing that after school mum was taking her to Chucky Cheese. They are to meet up with her friends and play for a Friday afternoon get together. As I went down stairs, I noticed she was pulling out one of her box of games instead of putting stuff away liked I asked. From down stairs I called for her to come, as we are ready to leave.
Upon returning  later that morning, I passed by her room to see that she had set up a board game for three players,  game tokens laid neatly to the side and cards stacked ready to play.

Afternoons are the time that I am usually in complete focus and fully in rhythm with my work…. But, today I am waiting to hear them pull up, so I can have a little time to play the game with her – I am real excited to play some silly princess board game and be cornered by a six year old and it makes me smile to think of the little one I love.

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