Sunday, September 25, 2011

Recipe - banana crepes

Nice and simple!
As a kid, I remember learning to make them, and then every weekend making a whole stack.
If I was in a great mood, my sisters, mum and dad would all be eating, if not, they hovered around my plate until I could not eat any more, and then I would throw the rest to the seagulls that hovered my plate.........
Happy Bday
Made these this morning as it is Liz's Bday.

(By the way, I don’t really measure anything - I just watch the consistency)

Vanilla essence
1 egg

In a bowl pour about a cup or two of milk, crack the egg and add a dash of vanilla essence and a pinch of salt. Start whisking and add the flour until you can take out the whisk and the mixture turns around the bowl once before stopping. If it keeps going – add more flour or if it does not turn by itself – add more milk…….
Slice the banana and start heating the pan with a little bit of spray oil. I usually have the heat just south of high. Pour the batter into the pan so that it spreads out to be the size that you wish – remember crepes are thin and you lift the pan to move the batter around! Place in the slices of banana once the pancake is in the pan, and turn when slightly brown – will only take a few minutes either side.
Either use syrup to top or my favourite is sprinkle sugar and pour lemon juice over it – I lived on these in Indonesia as they are a breakfast staple for all traveling surfers

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